Furniture online store

e-commercehome & living is an innovative Polish start-up offering an extensive range of furniture tailored to both residential and commercial environments. Having successfully catered to over 50,000 customers with their diverse product lineup. This platform is designed to streamline the shopping experience, making it effortless for customers to find precisely what they need.

Below, I present selected features implemented during the work on the project.

role Front-end layout developement / simple back-end integrations
year [ 2022 — ? ]
technologies shopify / JS / Liquid
see the live project
Feature one /01


The challange

Implemented a JavaScript-based hamburger menu for streamlined navigation, optimizing space and ensuring a user-friendly experience. The connected search module, linked to a database, enhances content accessibility with a focus on functionality and clarity.

Feature two /02

Upsell slider

The challange

Implemented an upsell slider in the cart drawer, offering personalized product recommendations. This dynamic feature enhances the shopping experience by suggesting complementary items seamlessly within the interface.

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